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Spiking Your Coffee With CBD For All The Right Reasons

CBD coffee:

So why is CBD coffee so amazing for you?

According to various sources, coffee and CBD seem to go together like “peanut and jelly”. That is mainly because of the synergistic effects presented when introducing caffeine and CBD at the same time. Hold on…let me not lose you with all this nerdy-talk.

You may be asking yourself, what even is a synergistic effect and how is it affecting my health? The word synergistic in science simply refers to the idea that the effect of two different compounds mixed together is stronger than the effect of each of these compounds separately. This concept is seen all throughout medicine.

For example, some drugs used for the treatment of HIV are given as a “cocktail” because of their ability to better suppress the virus when given together. However, just like it can be beneficial (as it is in the case of CBD and caffeine), the combination of certain drugs can cause disastrous effects in the human body.

Now that I have given you a brief science lesson on synergy, let me go ahead and get back to our talk on CBD coffee.

A recent animal study evaluated CBD’s effect on memory, behavioral and locomotor parameters. The study looked at whether or not certain compounds protected zebrafish from the detrimental effects on memory after high doses of CBD.

During the study, it was found that in the group pre-treated with caffeine as compared to the control group and the groups pre-treated with other memory-protecting compounds, the effects of high levels of CBD on memory were essentially negligible. 

This could be important in the case of individuals that require higher doses of CBD for the management of their conditions. Coffee may allow them to sustain treatment without succumbing to the possible detrimental effects on memory associated with high doses of CBD. 

Nonetheless, further randomized control clinical trials should be performed to determine whether these results can be safely translated to humans.

Aside from its protective effects on memory, the combination of coffee and CBD may prove useful in the case of the coffee jitters. This is because CBD is known to have soothing and calming effects on mood, which may counteract the anxiety-inducing effects of coffee.

In fact, this has been extensively studied in animal models and is often contributed to the anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties of CBD. Hence, the combination of CBD and coffee may be the best of both worlds: stimulation without over-excitation.

Moreover, CBD is not always calming and soothing. CBD seems to have a U-shaped dose-response curve. That is, at very low levels or very high levels, CBD seems to have stimulatory effects. 

At moderate levels, CBD has those calming effects mentioned before. Within this being said, at relatively low levels, CBD may offer the stimulating effects of caffeine without doubling up on the espressos.

Last, but certainly not least, both the CBD and caffeine in CBD infused coffee are potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are compounds that are able to counteract the effect of reactive oxygen species (ROS). 

Although ROS are useful in various reactions throughout the body, at high levels they can react and damage important cellular structures such as DNA.

This increased level of ROS is often referred to in the biomedical sciences as oxidative stress. In the long-term, oxidative stress can cause enough damage to your DNA which may ultimately lead to uncontrolled cellular division, also known as cancer. 

Hence, CBD and caffeine in CBD infused coffee may be helpful because of their ability to reduce oxidative stress in your body.