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Does Your CBD Oil Contain THC? NO!

True CBD oil does not contain THC. A CBD product should only include cannabidiol unless otherwise indicated on the package. 

While many manufacturers like Healthy Green CBD Oil maintain the standard of 0% THC here are products on the market that contain a small amount of this compound.

is the psychotropic compound found in the hemp/cannabis plant. This compound has its own unique set of properties and traits. 

While useful in its own right, currently, it is not available for purchase around the country. In 2018, a national Farm Bill was signed by President Donald Trump. 

This definition of industrial hemp sets the bar for CBD and other hemp products to Non-Detectable THC or less.

So, does CBD oil contain THC? Not if it’s made properly. Green Roads World enlisted the help of a licensed pharmacist with decades of experience when designing their products.

The hemp extraction process that we utilize allows us to remove the THC, and we have the lab test results o prove it. Without lab tests displaying the contents of your CBD products, there is no way to discern whether the product contains THC. 

There has even been a controversy among several reputable CBD oil manufacturers regarding the THC content of their products.