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CBD Breakthrough For Your Pets

Dogs that suffer from epileptic seizures are commonly prescribed phenobarbital, a medication commonly used to treat seizures. 

While it’s recommended by the World Health Organization to treat certain types of epilepsy in developing countries, it can carry some serious side effects in both humans and pets, including lethargy, increased appetite, dizziness, confusion, and long-term liver damage.

More companies are releasing dog-specific CBD formulations derived from hemp, and many pet owners who are wary of these side effects are exploring CBD as an alternative therapy option. 

Even here in the progressive and cannabis-friendly state of Florida, the issue was met with a spectrum of reactions ranging from curious to outraged. 

We reached out to a number of veterinarians in an attempt to discuss CBD treatment for pets, but many didn’t know what CBD was and quickly disengaged as soon as the words “a non-psychotropic chemical constituent of cannabis or hemp” were uttered. 

Another sounded completely taken aback, confusing CBD consumption with “feeding an animal marijuana.”

It’s clear that veterinarians need to be educated on the medicinal properties that cannabis and CBD can potentially provide to animals, but we need more research on the subject, too. 

Anyone considering treating their pet with cannabinoids should do so under the guidance of a knowledgeable veterinarian who can make informed yet cautious recommendations that are both safe and beneficial to the pet. 

However, it’s truly exciting to witness a frontier of therapeutic options possibly open up that can improve our beloved pets’ quality of life.