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Cannabis Life Radio Season 3 – Cannabis News & CBD Products Review 2019

Cannabis Life Radio (CLife Radio) is back with more CBD Success stories – Here, there’s Everything To Know About CBD.

The hemp news and cannabis news of 2018!

Season 3 of the light-hearted, educational station is making a serious comeback fueled with even more knowledge for its listeners. The station is the number one source for cannabis news.

Confused about hemp?

Are you curious about CBD?

Well, Cannabis Life Radio will answer all these and more!

Cannabis Life Radio covers all things cannabis all the time. Recently, CLife Radio covered the Cannabis Business Awards which highlight merchandisers of the illustrious herb and hands out awards to praise their successes.

The award show is a very prestigious honor in the cannabis industry and the coverage that CLife Radio provided was nothing short of stellar. #Educatetomedicate, a hashtag CLife Radio lives by was unsurprisingly an ongoing theme at the award show.

Cannabis Life Radio’s goal is to educate others especially those who may be unaware of what the herb can do. Public figures like Gary Stein, a representative in Florida state government, and Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, a highly respected physician both appeared on the show and stirred up a thought-provoking conversation.

CLife Radio’s coverage list extends far; the station covers hemp news but also hemp law.

Where is cannabis legal?

What law restrictions are state specific?

What can we do as citizens to change the laws? In one show covered in October of this year, CLife Radio was part of a hemp related rules meeting and the ways which we test intoxication levels. The meeting was interesting to say the very least and listeners were captivated by the conversation.

CLife Radio is based in Florida, making Florida legislation a huge topic of conversation, and CLife Radio definitely knows who to get in contact with and how to ask those hard hitting questions.

Cannabis Life Radio doesn’t only cover political issues but also cannabis news and real-life testimonials from people whom the herb has helped. Every week, the hosts of the show talk to regular people and inquire about the ways that cannabis has made a change in their lives.

The hosts of the show are well-informed pioneers in the cannabis industry and strive to change the language surrounding hemp laws in America.

Leon, one of the hosts of CLife Radio, talks about his relationship to hemp and how the plant changed his life for the better. He talks about how he grew from being a self-proclaimed “pothead” to using cannabis to help with medical issues after he fell ill.

He paints a picture of how he wants the cannabis industry to be, and he talks about his own disregard for strong pharmaceuticals that made him more intrigued by what a hemp business could offer.

Scheril Murray-Powell is a true innovator in the cannabis world and is constantly looking for ways to incorporate CBD and hemp into everyday life.

She is an advocate of Healthy Green CBD Oil’s Daily Dose and uses her legal expertise to do enormous amounts of community service and give back to those who need solutions. Ms. Powell is definitely a force to be reckoned with and a great source of legal information.

You are probably thinking “What about Arby?”

Arby is the man who leads the pack with his business intellect and Green Roads sponsorship. He may be on the camera and mic, but he’s also the one behind the scenes making the whole CLife Radio broadcast possible.

His passion for cannabis awareness and famous catchphrase “educate to medicate” are the two reasons why CLife Radio has been the growing success it is today. Season 3 will be the biggest and best season CLife Radio has ever seen.

Whether you’ve been curious about how cannabis can make an impact in your life or the lives of your loved ones, CLife Radio is for you! Tune into Cannabis life Radio and lets #educatetomedicate.

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